Launched in 2000, Rolls & Pleats is the longest running magazine dedicated to traditional hot rods and customs. But it's not just been around the longest, it's also the best in the field! Indeed we have the highest quality photos, cleanest and most tasteful layout, most interesting cars and most informed text.

The cars we feature are amongst the most influential of the moment. We like cars that look right, so you won't find any bad taste, gimmicky 'clown rods' in Rolls & Pleats! We only feature period perfect cars, but with a preference for fresh, novel ideas. And we do also feature historical rods and customs from the '50s and early '60s - always exclusive articles that you won't see elsewhere.

Not only do we cover all the major US shows, including - Grand National Roadster Show, LA Roadster Show, Lonestar Round-Up, Jalopyrama, Detroit Autorama and more, but we also cover the best shows in Europe, Japan and the rest of the world, which makes our magazine the only one with a truly global approach. The inspiration for your next project could be fueled by cars built on the other side of the world!

Another thing that contributes to the strength and popularity of Rolls & Pleats is the detailed information that we give on every single car that appears in the magazine. Unlike many other mags, we don't just toss together photos from car shows, leaving you wondering where those taillights came from or who built the car! Each photo is fully captioned with the right info, given to us by the owner. If you see a car you like all the questions you might have about it are answered in the detailed caption. Yes it's a lot more work for us, but that's probably why we sell so many copies worldwide!


The magazine is currently on a long pause (last issue published was #39) due to various personal projects. Publishing a magazine in these days of internet doesn’t bring much money, as you may have guessed from all the rod magazines that recently went belly up… and it makes even less money when it’s a low circulation publication with very few ads like Rolls & Pleats. This said, we love to do the magazine, even if it’s just a hobby that doesn’t bring much cash, and for that reason we're hoping to bring it back soon. If you want to be informed by email when a new issue is about to come out, please send us an email at and we'll put you on a mailing list.

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